• North Swinton Avenue Roadway and Underground Utility Improvements Project
    North Swinton Avenue Roadway and Underground Utility Improvements Project

    City of Delray Beach

Project Description

The Historic North Swinton Avenue is experiencing pavement deterioration including uneven surfaces of the roadways, asphalt cracking, and accelerated deterioration adversely impacting roadway stability and rideability. This has increased maintenance and shortened the lifespan of resurfacing projects. The city intends to address the deficiencies in the existing roadway and underground utility infrastructure under this project.

In addition, there are of non-continuous sidewalks that prohibit pedestrian connectivity throughout the roadway corridor. The City intends to provide improved bicycle/pedestrian connectivity along the North Swinton Avenue corridor, including to the dedicated bicycle lanes within the NE 2nd Avenue (Seacrest Boulevard) corridor along NW 22nd Street and improvements to the sidewalk located at the NE corner of NE 2nd Avenue and NW 22nd Street Intersection that were not included in the NE 2nd Avenue Beautification Project. The City will also include drainage improvements at the SW corner of NE 2nd Avenue and NW 22nd Street. Additionally, drainage, lighting, signing & pavement marking and landscaping will be addressed throughout the project limits.

For the current project phase, The City of Delray Beach has contracted with WGI, Inc. to provide professional consulting engineering design services leading to completion of construction plans.

Project Objectives & Potential Stakeholder Concerns

Areas of concern during the design phase include:
  1. Building consensus on proposed improvements via public involvement with area stakeholders
  2. Rehabilitating the existing surface and underground infrastructure
  3. Enhancing public safety through improved roadway design, drainage, enhanced pedestrian & bicycle facilities and lighting
  4. Preserving the character of the historic neighborhood
  5. Maintaining the existing tree canopy
Areas of concern during the construction phase include:
  1. Maintaining active communications channels with the community
  2. Minimizing neighborhood impacts by scheduling construction work in the off-season (April through October)
  3. Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) by:
    1. Coordinating with the community on street lane closures, detour routes to maintain safety and maximize access for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists
    2. Coordinating with local emergency services agencies (police, fire, ambulance) and city employees to ensure that emergency services are not impacted
    3. Managing elements in the right-of-way which homeowners have installed including but not limited to mailboxes, irrigation, non-standard driveway aprons and vegetation

Project Schedule

Notice to Proceed (“NTP”)

March 15, 2021


Phase 1 & 2

Design Public Information Workshops
Summer 2021, Winter 2022, Winter 2023

Phase 1 & 2

Design, Permitting, Bid + Award

Summer 2021 to Winter 2023/2024

Phase 1 - NW/NE 17th St to North of NW 25th Ct (City Limits)

Phase 2 - North of Lake Ida Rd to South of NW/NE 17th St


Phase 1

Construction Start
Off-season May 2024 through Fall 2024

Construction Public Information Workshop
Spring 2024

Phase 2

Construction Start
Off-season May 2025 through Fall 2025

Construction Public Information Workshop
Spring 2025

Location and Boundary

Project Limits

Phase 1:  NW/NE 17th Street to North of NW 25th Court (City Limits)
Phase 2:  North of Lake Ida Road to South of NW/NE 17th Street


More Information

If you have any questions or if you would like more information about this project, please use the form below to get in touch.

Alternatively, you may contact the Public Involvement Manager using the information below:

Project Hotline Phone:  561-492-8803
Email:  Info@TheMerchantStrategy.com